About Kristen Olson Stone


Kristen Olson Stone (b. 1967) is an impressionist painter from Maryland who now resides in both  California and New Zealand. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of Maryland in 1990 prior to attending art school in Los Angeles. 

Olson Stone is a meticulous painter who depicts her subjects with expressive brushwork encompassing a great level of detail. 

Her work is very time-consuming, and the results are wonderful. When tackling a simple vineyard or seascape, intricate architecture or an Italianate garden, Olson Stone paints all of this with great skill. She enjoys depicting scenes in every conceivable light, from hot, bright, sunny days to soft, romantic evening landscapes.  These atmospheric, iconic scenes are accentuated with her brush and richly brought to life.  Depending on the time of day or conditions of weather depicted, her palette may contain an assortment of cool grays or a bright stroke of scarlet, yellow, or orange. 

Kristen is a master colorist, and works from her own photos as well as the many Plein air studies she paints on location.

She strives to make marks that are accurate with rich colors and expressive brushwork, her talent is seemingly endless.  Olson Stone works to create each painting in such a way that when viewed from a close distance, they are textural and almost abstract in nature.  When seen from a further distance, the impressionist-style brushstrokes, lines, shapes and colors magically come together in perfect rhythm to reveal a particular subject.

Kristen was featured in an article in the January 2016 issue of Plein Air Magazine. 

Internationally recognized, her artwork is in collections worldwide,  including that of President and Mrs. Obama.